TeamTimber Qualifies for the PPPIDC National Finals

Today truly has been a roller coaster of high’s and lows. First, I didn’t think we were going to advance out of the first round today… then Michon Mills told me we¬†would make the top 10 easy… ok, so I over analyzed it. We did move to the second round in 5th place… then with our 2nd round jump, I was sure it wasn’t good enough, no way did we move up in the standings… was already deflated and chalking it all up to a good learning experience… Griz & Booker were the top two dogs… we were done… I posted our status to facebook… bummed… then, as I am sitting with Timber at the vehicle… I can hear something on the loud speaker…” blah, blah, blah, and Timber – Congratulations on advancing to the finals”… What? What did I just hear? Where’s Dianna? Wait a minute, they never do that… they took the top FIVE… then I see people giving me a thumbs up and Dianna shows up and it’s real… we will be in the Nationals finals tomorrow! I was like, holy crap “Now I need to update my facebook post!”

I am utterly exhausted, can’t wait to go to sleep… THANK YOU to everyone for your encouragement, support, kind words and staying connected to hear the latest news. I am looking forward to tomorrow, this competition is going to be exciting!

Results after 1st round: