Incredible Dog Challenge – TeamTimber finishes in 4th place – We couldn’t be more proud!!!


TeamTimber started the weekend in line, hoping to get one of the 20 qualifying spots for Friday’s competition.  We were first in line and got Spot #1!

Now, we just needed to get into the top 2 spots to move on the Saturday’s competition.

So, Friday morning, we went first…  we jumped 28’4 and 26’9.  I was sure that wasn’t going to be good enough… They were going to take the top 10 of that original 20 for a 2nd round of qualifying.

At the end of the first round, we were 5th… ok, not bad… but we needed to improve if we wanted to move on…

We take our jump…. score…. 28’4, no improvement… bummer.

Danny Caywood with Booker and Tony Lampert with Griz were the top two dogs to advance to finals… but wait!  Officials just changed their minds… they’re going to take the top 5… We’re In!!!

Wow, I cannot come close to explaining the emotional roller coaster…  we were SO thankful to advance to the National finals, we could care less what place we ended up in!

Saturday comes… we’re the lowest ranked team, so we go first… our score… 30′.  By the end of the first round, only 5 dogs had jumped 30′ or more… though we couldn’t hear the announcer so we had no idea where we were at…

Second round… our score… 30’9″.  Okay, this is good, we improved… whew…  Then we waited to see if we made the final round…  Of the original 10 teams in the finals, the top 8 got a 3rd round jump.  At this point we were in 4th place. We advanced again!

Our third round jump…30’6″…. we maintained our 4th place position.  Amazingly, every dog in the 3rd round jumped over 30′ – that was a first for this competition.  Amazing group of dogs!

JD & Ronalee McKnight took 3rd place
Donna & Jagger got 2nd place
Tony & Griz earned the top spot – 1st place

What an incredibly fun competition, “Wow” is still the best word I can come up with to describe the experience.

Final Results: